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Join Krystal Stone Holistics & Ohashi this Summer in a two day workshop!

*Please select July 20th on the calendar to register for course*

Date: July 20, 21, 2024 - Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm

Location: Pacific College of Health and Science

Reading the Body: Eastern Diagnosis for Professional Therapists

     Long before there were X-ray machines, CAT scans, and blood tests, traditional healers used noninvasive methods to ascertain personal health, talents, and character. From their understanding of human nature came a deep appreciation for the oneness of the mind, body, and spirit. For the oriental diagnostician, the body is the physical manifestation of the soul—both a symptom and a symbol of the spirit. To maintain health, we have to acknowledge both.

     Ohashi's "Reading the Body" is a topic and discipline that spans thousands of years and many levels of intellectual inquiry. But there are four fundamental approaches that are key to assessing another person’s health and character— Bo Shin: observing; Setsu Shin: touching; Mon Shin:  asking questions; and Bun Shin: listening.  These four approaches are complex and there are layers of inquiry within each method. Over two days, Ohashi will discuss and show you how, as a holistic practitioner, you can use these methods to better know your clients and their needs. 

     Ohashi compares Eastern and Western approaches to health with deep understanding and sensitivity, and brilliantly draws out the precepts and seeming paradoxes of Eastern medicine in a language we can all understand. His discussion covers general face diagnosis, back diagnosis with bilateral distortion, supine-position diagnosis, and movement diagnosis. He ends the course with his famous "shoe diagnosis” –– reading participants' shoes to analyze the lifestyle, psychology, health, and even financial condition of the wearer. This course helps you to view the human and natural worlds with new eyes, to discover physical, mental, and spiritual influences in yourself and others.

     This course is designed for all health therapists, including physical therapists, shiatsu practitioners, chiropractors, doctors, and yoga teachers. This course is also very beneficial for those who want to understand human behavior as expressed in daily life and our physical and mental health.

Open to all. 14 CEUs through NCBTMB

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Relax Your Nervous System.


​ Experience the simplicity of movement, thought & being through wellness coaching, therapeutic massage and yoga with Krystal Stone Holistics.

Mastery is the trimming away of the non-essential.

Bruce Lee

Embody relaxation through the simplicity of CoachingMassage, and Yoga.

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Trimming away what no longer serves you and mastering what does

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Integrated deep tissue massage with an eastern approach



Movement, meditation and breath

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