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Personalized Yoga Instruction


I studied dance at Broadway Dance Center, which eventually led me to yoga. It was through my yoga practice that I was inspired to teach. I received my yoga certification in 2009 from the Integral Yoga Institute and currently provide therapeutic yoga instruction to my private massage clients. Today, I offer personalized yoga to enhance the benefits of therapeutic massage. I continue to support my yoga education by maintaining a dedicated personal practice and taking regular workshops with Jivamukti Certified Instructors from around the world. View our rates and packages.


Personalized yoga with Krystal Stone

Yoga on New York City roof with Jai Sugr

Rooftop yoga with my teacher, Jai Sugrim

What People Say


Thank you so much for that inspiring and grounding practice on Friday...I slept so well that night, and woke up Saturday morning feeling a little sore in my shoulders and pecs (from all the chaturangas - I usually skip them but I was feeling strong and ready to take them on in your class!)

I loved the sequence you prepared and I felt like the time we spent in each pose energized me and gave me more stamina than I’m used to having during a class. I felt super connected to my breath because of your cueing and breath counts - it was helpful to hear you count us down in each pose and to also have a sense of how much time would be spent in each shape, so I could adjust my engagement and alignment.

I felt like the poses/pacing/cueing provided an accessible challenge and I loved the way you offered reflective questions about the muscles being engaged/stretched in certain postures. As a kinesthetic learner, I feel like I can better understand muscles (in terms of what they do, where they attach, etc) when I am moving and using them. It reinforces my knowledge of the function/location of each muscle to identify/visualize specific muscles (and other structures like joints) as they are being employed. Specifically, when you had us in a standing forward fold and ran down the list of the muscles being activated and the muscles being stretched - It was so nice to do a body scan in that way. I’m looking forward to more classes with you, and I’ll spread the word so others can take advantage of this offering.

-Alexandra Tse, LMT/Yoga Instructor

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