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Meet The Coach

 I am originally from a farm and steel mill town in Ohio called Shelby. Growing up there infused me with the work ethic that led to me have a therapeutic massage therapy practice in NYC since 2007. I am also an instructor for Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS) in NYC where I teach Fundamentals of Kinesiology, Introduction to Deep Tissue and Shiatsu. I also serve as Chair of Research Scholarship and Training at PCHS-NYC. My professional and personal background was supported by an extensive holistic understanding. This in depth understanding gained from  mentors and teachers allowed me to focus on my unique elemental strengths that ultimately led to my coaching career. Helping people find their elemental strengths and gain a new life perspective has become my passion.

My fiance and I on my grandparents farm

With my fiance at my grandparents' farm in Ohio

What I Value Most...

My Mentors, Teachers and Coaches

People who have inspired my journey include Jai Sugrim, Ohashi Sensei, and Eido Roshi.

  • Studied Yoga with Jai Sugrim: 2020-present

  • Studied Zazen Meditation with Eido Roshi: 2006-2012

  • Studied Zen Shiatsu “Ohahsiatsu” with Ohashi Sensei: 2006-2008


What Do You Value Most?

Contact me for a 15-minute complimentary introductory session to see if Relevant Coaching is right for you.

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